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It amazes us

how many people pay good money to register with Media Casting Group then don't bother to post a headshot.  If you want to be called, there are two things that are necessary for the casting folks to know - what you look like and how to contact you.  When we're casting something, it gets very, very hectic.  The easier you can make it for the casting directors, the more likely you are to be called for an audition or background work.  So . . .  When submitting always attach a headshot or recent digital photo, (small jpegs are best,) your resume (in the proper format; there's a sample on Charlie's website unless it's for background, then resumes aren't really necessary, and your best contact phone number in the body of  your email.  If it's for an audition, we'll contact you through your agent if you have one.  For background work we call you directly.  Agents don't want to be bothered with background work, as it not commissionable.  And DON'T call us!  When we're casting or on the set we simply don't have time to take calls, unless it's an emergency. Do these few simple things and you can greatly increase you chances of getting work.
Here's hoping we'll see you on the set soon!

Everett, Charlie, and Ric

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Founded in 1991, Media Casting Group provides principals and extras casting services for film, television & commercial projects in Northern California. With over 400 different projects to our credit, we have the experience and contacts to make your project a success.

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How to Register with Media Casting Group Just click on the "Register" button on the upper right of the Home page. It will walk you through the process. The first place we always look for talent is on our website. (The second place is Charlie's classes, be cause we've seen their work.) Basic Membership with PayPal or your credit card is $35 for the first year, then automatically renews each year for only $25. Gold Membership allows you to post more photos and audio and video clips as well. It's $50 for the first year and automatically renews for $35 per year.

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