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Current Projects

If you haven't posted a headshot yet your chances of being called are very slim, to do it right away and make sure your resume and contact information is up-to-date.

is beginning preliminary casting for the second episode of "Orchard Park." This crime drama is being shot under the SAG-AFTRA new media contract. Both Union and non-union talent may submit.
To Submit: Email your headshot and resume to, along with a link to your demo reel if you have one. Be sure to put Orchard Park Submission on the subject line, and include your phone number in the body of your email. If we need to see more, we'll let you know.
Here are the roles we'll be casting:
Nick Bruno - Boss of the Ciccone Crime Family. War Vet, Late-40's, Male, Italian Descent, Cast (Nick Fenske)
Tommy Bruno - Capo, Ciccone Crime Family, Mid-30's, Male, Italian Descent Cast (Turo Rangel)
Sal(vatore) Moretti - Late 40's - Early 50's - Underboss Ciccone Crime Family, Italian Descent, Cast (Anthony Snow)
Harold Smith - The Cook - 35+, any ethnicity, Cast(Howard Jackson)
Father Francis - 60+, Irish Catholic Priest, Cast (Charlie Holliday)
Frankie Bruno - 18 -Twin Brother of Ilaria Bruno, HS Senior Orchard Park High, Italian Descent
Ilaria Bruno - Twin Sister of Frankie Bruno, 18 years old, HS Senior Orchard Park High, Gay, Lover Emily Stevens, Italian Descent
Police Commissioner Bill Jones - 40s, 50's - New Police Commissioner of Orchard Park PD,
Eric Jones - 18 to play younger - Star Pitcher/Rapist Orchard Park High, HS Senior Orchard Park High, Son of PC Jones,
Ted Stevens - 40's, 50's - Mayor of Orchard Park, War Vet (Served with Nick Bruno), African American
Jill Stevens - 40's - Wife of Mayor Ted Stevens, mother to Emily (17) and Ashley (14) - African American
Emily Stevens - 18 to play younger - Daughter of Mayor Stevens, Goddaughter to Nick Bruno, Gay (Undeclared), Lover of Illaria Bruno - HS Senior African American (17)
Ashley Stevens - Daughter of Mayor Stevens, (14), HS Freshman, African American
Special Agent Dan Clark - 40's, runs a Government unit that surveils the Ciconne Family
USDA Leslie James - 40's, No Nonsense Woman, Trying to put Nick Bruno and his crew away.
Field Agent Lynch - 40's, Open Field Op, Nick Bruno is his job
Detective Michelle Chen - on the Ciccone Family Payroll
Pete Reed, a retired ex-NYC Detective who is now a Private Eye (He was previously on the Family's Payroll and an acquaintance of Sal's).

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