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"Bad Faith" Feature Film. Principal Casting, Extras Casting. Shot in Sacramento, Stockton and Lodi, CA. D.W. Landingham, Director.

"Chain Letter, LLC" Chain Letter, LLC, Location Principle, in conjunction with Corbin Bronston, Extras Casting, Placerville, CA. Deon Taylor, Director / Producer, Steve Quibine, Producer.

"The Hustle" The Hustle, LLC, Extras Casting, Sacramento, CA. Deon Taylor, Director / Producer.

"Nite Tales, LLC" Location and Extras Casting, Sacramento, CA. Deon Taylor Director/Producer. Mitch Richmond, Producer.

Something In The Clearing, Narrow Gate Films, Granite Bay, CA. Principal Casting. Shot in Placer County, CA. Executive Producer, Gary Hamner. Director, Rocky Capella.

Unwelcome Stranger, Rico Films, Long Beach, CA. Additional Casting. Shot in El Dorado County, CA.

This Hollow Sacrament, Burning Grounds Media, Producer / Director Greg Stechman, Principal and Extras Casting, Shot in Sacramento, CA.

Return To Sender- Sansar Films, Producer Bryan Cohen. Principal and Extras Casting. Shot in Sacramento, CA.

7eventy 5ive, Hooks and Taylor Entertainment. Directed by Brian Hooks and Deon Taylor. Director of Photography, Phillip Lee. Location Casting and Extras Casting. Shot in Sacramento, CA.

Isolated - Producer, Eric Nicholas & Adrian De Lude. Filmed in El Dorado County. Principal and Extras Casting

Three Bad Men- Producer Jeff Hathcock, Director Jeff Hathcock, location casting, shot in Placer County, Jamestown and Sonora, California.

Her Minor Thing- Producer Jim Meyers, Vicki Wagner, Dick Pinsker, Director Charlie Matthau, *location and extras casting in conjunction with Orly Sitowitz. Filmed in Sacramento and Placerville, CA.

American Grace - Independent, Director Curtis Taylor, D.P. Roland Ozzie Smith, *principal cast, extra cast, and associate producer, shot in Placerville and Modesto, CA.

Dragonfly - Universal Studios , Director: Tom Shadyac, U.P.M. Jim Brubaker, *extra cast, shot in Auburn, CA.

Inferno - Porch Light Entertainment Director: / U.P.M. Kenny Burke , location principal cast ,*extra cast, shot in Placerville, CA.

The Deep End - The Deep End, LLC Director: Scott Mc Geehee & David Siegel *location principal cast, *extra cast in conjunction with Mindy Marin, shot in Lake Tahoe.

Making Something Up - Brickyard Films, Director: Paul Kinney *principal cast, shot in Sacramento, CA.

Lucky Numbes - Paramount Pictures Corporation Director/Producer: Nora Ephron, UPM: Donald Lee, *extra cast, shot in Sacramento, CA.

Redemption Of The Ghost - Campbell / Masoner Productions Director: Richard Freedman, UPM: Marshall Nord, *location principal cast *extra cast, Casting in conjunction with Steve Nave, shot in Jamestown & Sonora, CA.

Life - Universal Pictures / Imagine Entertainment Director: Ted Demme Producer: Brian Glazer, Jim Brubaker, Eddie Murphy, UPM: Jim Brubaker, *extra cast, shot in Sacramento, CA.

Jack Frost - Warner Bros. Pictures, Producer: Mark Canton , Irving Azoff, Director: Troy Miller *location principal cast, *extra cast , Shot in Trukee & North Lake Tahoe, CA.

Letters from a Killer - Letters From a Killer, Inc. Producer: Bertil Ohlsson , Peter Snell, UPM: Marty Hornstein *location principal cast, *extra cast, Casting in conjunction with Karen Rea. Shot in Sacramento & Amador Counties, CA.

Dead Man on Campus - Paramount Pictures / MTV Films Motion Picture Executive Producer: David Gale, Producer: Gale Ann Hurd, Director: Alan Cohn *location principal cast, *extra cast, Casting in conjunction with Debra Aquilla , Jane Smith Shot in Stockton & Modesto, CA.

Mouse Hunt - `Dream Works S. K. G, Producer: Michael Grillo, Director: Gore Verbinski,* location principal cast, *extra cast , Casting in conjunction with Denise Chamian Shot in Oakhurst & Fresno, CA.

Mad City - Warner Bros. Pictures, Exec. Producer: Arnold and Ann Kopelson Producer: Wolfgang Glattes, Director: Constantine Costa-Gavras , *location principal cast, Casting in conjunction with Amarida Mackey Johnson & Cathy Sandrich, Shot in San Jose, CA.

Breakdown - Producer: Dino De Laurentis, Director: Jonathan Mostow *extra cast Shot in Auburn, CA.

Phenomenon - Walt Disney Pictures, Producer: Charles Newirth, Director: Jon Turtletaub, *location principal cast ,Casting in conjunction with Renee Rousselot Shot in Auburn, CA.

The Trigger Effect - Universal/Amblin Entertainment Exec. Producer: Steven Spielberg, Producer: Michael Grillo, Director: David Koepp*location principal cast, *extra cast , Casting in conjunction with Nancy Taylor Shot in Sacramento & the Delta Region, CA.

Black Panthers - Black Panther Productions, Director: Mario Van Peeples *extra cast, Shot in Sacramento, CA.

Sister Act 11 - Touchstone Pictures, Line Producer: Paul Moen, Director: Bill Duke *location principal cast , *extra cast , Shot in San Francisco, CA.

What's Love Got to Do With It - Touchstone Pictures, Line Producer: Pat Keyhoe,* location principal cast , *extra cast, Casting in conjunction with Rueben Cannon Shot in Sacramento, Delta & Yolo County, CA.

Poetic Justice - Columbia Pictures, Producer: Steve Nicholaides, Director: John Singleton, *location principal cast , *extra cast , Shot in San Francisco, Yolo County, CA.
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