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How old are you? Who cares!!

A lot of people (me included!) don't particularly like having to put their date of birth on casting websites such as  Media Casting Group's.  We're often asked why is it necessary?  Your date of birth is never seen by the public or producers and directors.  We don't care how old you are (unless you are under 18,) just how old you appear to be.  The reason we have to have that information is for search purposes.  For example, if we're looking for  women 25 - 35 and your birth year isn't there, your name won't come up.  Now that being said, here's a good idea from Tess, a professional actor and one of the folks who have registered with the new Media Casting Group . . . enter a birth year that puts you in the middle of your playable age range, i.e. 25-30, 60-65, etc.  (I know that what I get called in for, and what my age chronologically is, are often two different things.)  That way the search will be in line with what some other sites provide.  Most of us have an 6 - 10 year span, although the younger you are the smaller the span usually is.  For example, let's say you are 35, but can play as young as 25 up to about 38.  Your actual birth year would be 1975, but your playable span would be 1972 to 1985.  So you might want to say your birth year is 1978 or 1979, which would put you about in the middle of that 25 - 38 age range.  Remember, we don't care how old you actually are, only what your castable age is.  Hopefully that tactic will increase the number of calls you get.
Here's hoping we get an audition for you soon!
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